2011 Course Offerings

 Community Policing Fundamentals

This course is designed for all law enforcement officers in New Jersey. Community policing as a fundamental principle of Law Enforcement is being embraced by agencies throughout New Jersey. This one day program provides the fundamentals as well as updated procedures based on recently applied programs and experience.
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Training Management

Aimed at the law enforcement management this course is appropriate for any law enforcement officer involved in training or anticipating moving into a supervisory position one day. Training is one of the most critical areas in modern law enforcement, both in the pursuit of more professional policing and as a defense against liability.  This program looks at the training function as a fundamental aspect of managing a law enforcement agency.  Included are discussions of basic and in-service training, training for supervisors and managers, training records, and the use of field training officers.
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        Grant Writing

This program is designed to give participants the ability to understand the grant process. The course will review grant writing, components of a grant, documentation, terminology, and fiscal responsibility.
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Community Response to Terrorism and
Natural Disasters

This is a two day comprehensive training program designed to include law enforcement, health professionals, and first responders. The working philosophy is that each of these groups must understand each others’ roles in order to work together as a team within their community. Included are discussions on history of bio-terrorism, bio-terrorism agents, domestic terrorist threats, and international terrorist threats. The second half of this program discusses the impact of bio-terrorism and natural disasters on the community, including psycho-social impact of traumatic loss. Participants will learn what needs to be done to ease the survivors’ traumatic stress, identifying suicide risks in survivors, and effective communication techniques in crisis situations, as well as the development of sudden death notification protocols.
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Interview and Interrogation Techniques

This course provides the fundamentals of interview and interrogation techniques. It discusses strategies to be employed, including understanding verbal and nonverbal behavior, preparing for the interview or interrogation, developing questions in a structured interview, and choosing the appropriate setting for the interview.
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Presentation Skills / Methods of Instruction

This five day course provides the participants with the fundamentals of instructor development. Included are development of goals and objectives, lesson plans, test construction, and an understanding of evaluation and classroom management techniques. Emphasis is on practical exercises involving actual classroom presentations, which are taped and critiqued by the participant’s mentor. This course meets the requirements of the Police Training Commission for certification as a Police Training Commission approved Instructor. Enrollment is limited to 18 students per class.
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