CDI’s Certified Animal Education & Control Division is the premier group in New Jersey dedicated to providing attendees with the animal welfare knowledge required to become state certified Animal Control Officers, state certified Animal Cruelty Investigators, state certified Humane Law Enforcement Officers, and Shelter Workers. CDI also offers a basic course that introduces the concepts of Wildlife Rehabilitation to those people interested in becoming Wildlife Rehabilitators. These courses are designed for anyone wishing to work as municipal employees, private animal contractors, shelter/kennel workers, animal rescue workers, trainers, and volunteers.

CDI’s Law Enforcement Education Group works with New Jersey Police Training Commission approved Police Academies throughout the state to deliver a wide variety of advanced and Police Training Commission approved courses aimed at law enforcement professionals. Additionally we will deliver courses on site at your agency to meet your specific training needs.

Our Public Sector Education Group delivers high quality training programs aimed at municipal government, emergency services, health and public health officials, the legal profession and public school administration and staff.

On the national level our Corporate Education Group specializes in programs designed to meet the training needs of today’s corporations through courses ranging from Counter-Terrorism Awareness and Fundamentals to Presentation Design and Delivery.

Every program is tailored to the individual needs of our clients. We are able to customize training for any setting and will bring the expertise of our faculty to your site to meet your specific training needs.

Faculty and Philosophy
The administration and faculty of at Career Development Institute are specialists, with hands-on experience in criminal justice, law enforcement, health, training, counter-terrorism and business presentation skills. We also believe it is not enough to be an expert in a field. We also demand that our entire faculty have developed the highest quality of teaching skills and that each instructor work directly with you to achieve your mastery of content.

Animal Control Officer (ACO) Instructors
Animal Cruelty Investigator (ACI) Instructors
Basic Course for New Jersey Wildlife Rehabilitation

Private Investigator Course


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